Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Les Constructions Powers Inc. is a company that was founded in January 2018 to offer the lowest and most competitive prices in the Region. We are committed to this company, which specializes in metal roofing replacement and renovations of all kinds.

Metal Roofing

We aim to offer excellent customer service; quality work and we have a great respect for the Construction Standards. It is as General Contractor that we operate in this trade. We are always ready to carry out and manage a large number of projects, whether it is the construction of a new house, a small residential renovation inside or outside, the replacement or repair of your home coverage, change your windows or even the realization of a commercial project.

Thanks to our team of experts, we meet each of our clients’ specific needs.

Metal Roofing | Les Constructions Powers Inc.
Metal Roofing | Les Constructions Powers Inc.
Metal Roofing | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Metal Roofing
Choose the Peace of Mind

When you choose Les Constructions Powers Inc., you opt for peace of mind, since we will be taking care of everything. In addition, you will be consulted whenever there is progress or changes in all decisions to be made in carrying out your work.

Our subcontractor team works with the same mentality as us, this helps greatly to ensure the smooth development of the construction sites.

Your requirements will always be our priority and it is the key to our success.


Les Constructions Powers Inc. specializes in metal cladding roofing.
The General Contractor, Mr Dany Parent Grondin, specialist for over 15 years in minor repairs and new roofing construction due to his experience and knowledge, we can safely launch any roofing challenge, whether it’s a metal roof or a shingle roof. Whatever the reason for your call, our General Contractor will solve your problem, meet your expectations and satisfy all your needs, at the most affordable price on the market.


It is with pride that we introduce to you the doors and windows division of Les Constructions Powers Inc. Our experienced team will advise you through the wide range of possibilities available to you and will ensure the installation to be impeccable and in accordance with the building code. Our main supplier has a unique product in the Quebec industry.  One of their products has a top sealant that prevents the outside air to seep into your building. Its insulation capacity is without a doubt highly efficient, in addition to having a long-term guarantee on the deterioration of color, mechanisms and thermos.


We offer hand-made solariums. We ensure the quality of all materials and products chosen according to your budget, your needs and your requirements. With our expertise, we will guide you in your decisions and choices of products, materials, coatings, colors and finishes, so that your solarium is unique and of the highest quality available on the market whether your project is a new construction, repair or refurbishment.


Due to our vast range of expertise, we are able to meet the needs of small businesses as well as large ones. We are authorized to work with plans and specifications when carrying out a project. All of the plans we receive are verified prior to the launch to minimize the risk of errors on the site. We have a very strict quality schedule to ensure that our clients’ requests are met and that all our work is done according to the building code standards. We work with each subcontractor to meet the requested deadlines. Our mentality is that communication is the key to this type of project.

Renovations and post-disaster

Whether for an expansion, the renovation of a kitchen, a bathroom, the finishing of a basement or the replacement of a floor. Our team of experts will give you quality work to your expectations and according to your budget.

Each of our projects will be carried out according to today’s standards with the expertise of professional men. We were able to combine the knowledge of our ancestors with the technology and performance of today, which gives the best possible quality work on the market.

Above all, we want to satisfy the wishes and needs of our customers.

In our opinion, details and requirements are the foundation for success in this profession. We always take the time to inform our customers about the various products and materials we use as well as the reasons why we recommend them, not counting on the warranties.

Metal Roofing Replacement

We also take the time to explain and clarify the stages of the project achievements in each of our quotes. We advise you on the quality and prices best suited for your budget. We respect everyone’s needs, in order to deliver the desired end result in all our projects

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We are pleased to contribute our skills to the success of your projects, as we aspire to achieve great things.