Due to our vast range of expertise, we are able to meet the needs of small businesses as well as large ones. We are authorized to work with plans and specifications when carrying out a project. All of the plans we receive are verified prior to the launch to minimize the risk of errors on the site. We have a very strict quality schedule to ensure that our clients’ requests are met and that all our work is done according to the building code standards. We work with each subcontractor to meet the requested deadlines. Our mentality is that communication is the key to this type of project.

Metallic Coating

We have a rigid quality chart to ensure that our clients’ requests are met and that all of the work is done according to building code standards.

Our specialities in this field

Repair | Metallic Coating | Commercial | Les Constructions Powers Inc.


With the help of our proactive team, we can quickly secure the premises in case of breakage or disaster. We will do everything in our power to allow you to resume your activities as quickly as possible. In addition, our quality of work will captivate you with its thoroughness and compliance

Renovation | Metallic Coating | Commercial | Les Constructions Powers Inc.


You want to give your business a new look or reorganize it according to your present and future needs; we are the right company to ensure a smooth transition on the site as well as to work according to the expectations of the subcontractors.

Building envelope and structure | Metallic Coating | Commercial

Building envelope and structure

In this area we have advanced techniques, as well as attention to detail to ensure that the seal of your structure complies with the code. This will minimize heating costs and maximize occupant comfort.

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We are pleased to contribute our skills to the success of your projects, as we aspire to achieve great things.