Post Disaster and Renovations | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Whether for an expansion, the renovation of a kitchen, a bathroom, the finishing of a basement or the replacement of a floor. Our team of experts will give you quality work to your expectations and according to your budget. Renovations and Post Disaster. Peace of Mind.

Each of our projects will be carried out according to the standards with the expertise of professional men. We were able to combine the knowledge of our ancestors with the technology and performance of today, which gives the best possible quality work on the market.

Post Disaster and Renovations | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

In this domain, we should know that all problems have a solution. Having this mentality in mind nothing is impossible for us and when we meet our customers, we know how to give them complete attention, in order to understand their requirements and fear. Our mission is to always be honest with our customers. That’s why we like to advise and inform people about Building Standards and offer quality work that will make your worries disappear.

We will carry out the work according to your needs, turn-key project in order to give you peace of mind. In addition, we have a team of qualified and reliable subcontractor to provide quality work that also meets the standards.


Post Disaster and Renovations | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Combining our know-how in renovation and interior finishing, for us post disaster is simple and hassle-free. We protect every part of the house that is unaffected and we circulate with cloths so as not to damage your property.

In order to offer the utmost attention to detail on our worksites and to prevent dust and dirt caused by the renovations spreading throughout the entire space, we always separate the rooms to be renovated from the rooms that are not covered by the disaster. Renovations and Post Disaster.

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We are pleased to contribute our skills to the success of your projects, as we aspire to achieve great things.