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We offer hand-made solariums. We ensure the quality of all materials and products chosen according to your budget, your needs and your requirements. With our expertise, we will guide you in your decisions and choices of products, materials, coatings, colors and finishes, so that your solarium is unique and of the highest quality available on the market whether your project is a new construction, repair or refurbishment.

There are three main categories of solariums. We call them the Solarium 3 Seasons, the Solarium 3 Seasons Plus and the Solarium 4 Seasons. Each of them offers different benefits, which is why it is very important to always call on an expert in this field to ensure you get a final result that will satisfy you.

Solarium Three Seasons | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Solarium Three Seasons

The biggest advantage of this solarium is the price. Due to simple windows and the standard 3-inch insulation panels inside the roof, we can offer you this home extension that can be used from April to October, depending on the season and temperature.

The windows installed for a three-season solarium the thickness of the glass panel is simple.

Solarium Three Seasons Plus | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Solarium Three Seasons Plus

This is often the compromise between the three and four seasons solariums. In terms of cost, it is advantageous and its seasonal usage time is extended. This type of construction is ideal for installing an indoor spa provided it includes a ventilation that will condition this room properly. The main characteristics of this product are the 4-inch rigid insulant panels and its double-glass windows.

Solariums Four Seasons | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Solarium Four Seasons

The advantage of having a four-season solarium is that you will have the opportunity to use this room both summer and winter. The walls and roof will be insulated as stipulated in the new household standards. In addition, the floor would also be insulated with a good thickness of urethane spray.

The windows installed for a four-season solarium are triple glaze and they have the advantage of being Low-E Argon, because they have several layers of glazing.

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