It is with pride that we introduce to you the doors and windows division of Les Constructions Powers Inc. Our experienced team will advise you through the wide range of possibilities available to you and will ensure the installation to be impeccable and in accordance with the building code. Our main supplier has a unique product in the Quebec industry.  One of their products has a top sealant that prevents the outside air to seep into your building. Its insulation capacity is without a doubt highly efficient, in addition to having a long-term guarantee on the deterioration of color, mechanisms and thermos.

It should be mentioned that PVC windows are made of non-recycled plastic in visible areas and with recycled plastic materials for non-visible areas of the product. The reason they are not entirely made of recycled plastic is because the transformed materials tarnish more quickly over time, which is why everything on the surface is completely new and the hidden coating is recycled-based, so that your product keeps all its splendor, while helping the planet to the best of their ability.

Available options

Casement windows | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Casement windows

This variety opens outwards from the building laterally. It allows a maximum opening to promote air circulation inside your home. Thanks to the weather strip and sturdy closure, this product offers an excellent sealing.

Awning Windows | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Awning Windows

These have the same characteristics as the previous one, however its opening is from bottom to top. They are mainly used for small openings such as above the sink. This method of opening reduces the risk of water infiltration during rain.

Sliding and Guillotine | Les Constructions Powers Inc.

Sliding and Guillotine

The opening is made towards the inside, which makes it possible not to overlap on the outside of the house, ideal if you have a gallery or patio door attached to the building. Its system of pivot inwards will allow you to wash them with ease.

Thickness of available window

The double glass is the basic unit to comply with the Building Code Standards in the Eastern Townships. However, to maximize energy savings, triple-glass windows are preferred and are commonly used in mountainous areas, further north or in high wind areas.

Window mouldings and contours

Several options are available for your windows. Paint can be added to enhance the exterior and give it an additional touch to your home or commercial building. Exterior and interior moldings can be added, tiles, frames are also available to beautify the interior of your home.

Minimum size

It is important to mention that in each room, a sufficiently large opening is required in case of emergency in all municipalities. We always ensure that all spaces and dimensions of windows are adequate.

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